spin 45 mINS &



Saddle up and experience the most enjoyable and effective workout ever. Spining is ideal for people of all levels of fitness. The Spin 45 minute class will include different workout sections from the warm up,to climbs(Hills) through to a variety of sprinting sections. But dont worry the instructor will guide you through and everyone cycles to their own pace and sets their own resistance level at all times. GLOW SPIN is the same as the above but it is spinningwith special UV GLOW in the dark lighting!

This NEW CLASS will combine all the best elements of our regular Spinning class, but also work on toning up your body by incorporating exercises using light weights while on the bike.

25 minutes spinning followed by 15 minutes toning exercises while gently pedalling on the bike with the normal cool down and stretch at the end of the class.

Each person will have 3 pairs of dumbbells to choose from, so you can pick the level that best suits you for maximum toning results! This class is ideal for all fitness levels.




This CORE workout will take you through a series of exercises targeting your abdominal muscles, lower back and glutes (aka your bum!).

You can now add core stability to the cardiovascular and strength benefits of our Spinning classes for an unbeatable workout.


Baby spin 45 mINS

Here at SPRINT SPINNING STUDIO, we know how hard it is to get out of the house with a new baby, let alone somewhere you can workout and bring them along! We are also passionate about the benefits of exercise and it's effect on mental health, this can be especially relevant postpartum. We have the answer.....BABY SPIN!
SO..Where will your baby be during the class?? 
Simple!...Your beautiful baby will be right in front of you, and should you need to feed, change or comfort them at any time, no problem, it is BABY SPIN after all! Our usual music volume will be lower. All you have to do is bring your baby in a car seat or buggy and have fun. COMPLIMENTARY tea/coffee after class!

* Please note, baby must stay in car seat/buggy or the loving arms of their mummy or daddy while in the studio.